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What is the Purpose of Sound Buttons?

What is the purpose of sound buttons?

The World around us is full of Sound. From your Alarm clock to Smartphones, Computers, tablets, and other electronic gadgets make many sounds. When you switch on your phone, even then you can hear a sound. Sounds add life even in the objective things. 

Imagine! You are watching a horror movie that is full of dialogues but without background music or sound effects. Do you wanna watch such a movie? I guess no one. It’s boring and feels like a punishment to watch it. So, that’s the purpose of Sound Effects spice up any content. 

 Try to remember any fighting scene of the movie where the hero of the movie fights with dozens of villains alone. Do they fight in reality? You might hear the Dhishum Dhishum sound, then what was it? Film, television, fashion shows, and even media are loaded with Sound effects. It is the sound effects that make things realistic.

What is Sound Button?

In the 1970s, Music artists used electronic devices to create sounds on live sets. This time it is an era of Video Games and YouTube Videos. 

Video Games contain a huge library of sound effects that makes the game more realistic. Advancement in technology over many decades led to the invention of Sound buttons. Some Sound designers experimentally create Sounds. 

Sound buttons are circles or spots under which there is a dedicated sound. Sound buttons even became a part of the National curriculum. When a child sees a new word and touches it, he/she gets to know how to pronounce it. 

What are Sound Effects and how to use them? 

The idea of sound effects is that the information of the video should lead the public. Whether you want different sound effects like a punch, funny sound, or movies sound. From nature sounds to memes everything is here. 

Sometimes the most difficult part of working with audio is understanding where to start. You’ve found yourself searching which song you should work on for a video, or what you can do to get your design proper. Fear no more you’re in good hands. In just three easy moves we’ll show you how to prepare your YouTube videos to new heights. 

Where to use Sound Button?

Where to use Soundbuttons?

For Designing any sound you need mastery in it and not simpler for everyone. It is a dynamic process. Another thing is that you need many tools to record even single audio such as Computer, Sound Card, Microphone, a portable recorder. And the process of recording is a little time-consuming. 

To ease such a task, there are plenty of websites available on the Internet that contain readymade sound buttons. These websites include VoiceMod,, and so on.

I am a vlogger and create videos for my YouTube Channel. Every time while creating any video, there is a need for certain sound effects. The very first name in my mind would be - Confidently I would say, makes any content more glamorous. 

I can say it is not the content but the sound effects I chose for it made me earn. Want the sound of any anime character? - Got it! While playing any video game, you won and want to play a victory sound? Therefore, simple, just download it and have fun. It has a collection of over 2 million sound buttons in the dedicated category. Sounds Amazing! Isn’t it?

Wrapping Up 

Well, all of you might have understood “How Sound buttons play an important role in everyone’s life”. Whether you are a YouTuber or Games Steamer. Visit at once and enjoy. Share your experience with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading! 

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